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using excess oil
« on: December 25, 2015, 05:12:06 PM »
Hi just wondering if anyone can help. We brought a mazda5, 2005 petrol, we brought from a garage with warranty which cost us £2895, we had the car for about 6 weeks and had to top up with oil, every couple of weeks, we took it to an independant garage who told us the the piston rings are worn and advised us to return the car to the garage we had brought it. We have been in a battle with this garage ever since. the warranty is not valid for wear and tear and this is classed as, the garage has had our car for 3 weeks now, they are saying that the compression test is showing no signs of fault, they claim that mazda garage have told them that the amount of oil we are using for this age vehicle is normal? we put 5 litres of oil in and did 700 miles before the light started flashing again, this does not sound like a 'normal' amount of oil to be using. the mileage on the car is 86000 its a 2005 petrol model, how much do u usually use